Suprette: a Top 3 Burger...


The end of my burger drought came in the form of a Suprette Burger ($20, +$3 for extra bacon), this was not just another pretty looking burger stack as it seems like, and somehow I can't get it out of my mind. Here at Suprette, the kitchen doesn't stinge, loading the wax-paper lined platter with an initially intimidating mountain of fries that would unknowingly disappear in a matter of time; seconds optional and highly dangerous. The cook on the beef patty was spot on, a slight pink in the middle teasing me with it's moist innards. The melted gruyere cheese forming a nappage over the patty, lending that edge of complex savoury notes to the construction. 

First trip was a charm. Now it was time to put it to my test of 'repeated visits'

The Ken's Heart Attack Burger ($45) is the most dressed-up  version of a burger I've ever laid eyes on. Reaching staggering heights with a double patty, bacon, gruyere and mushrooms all layered by a master builder in the confines of his kitchen. The strips of perfectly fried bacon with the gooey cheese making it a comforting mess of umami and saltiness with a touch of earthiness from the mushrooms. As much as the monster burger carried sensible flavors, it would be crazy not to share this with someone. 

My verdict  on this burger aligned with the many opinions I've heard thus far, this is your secret go-to burger. One that fills the voids of broken dreams and horrid days. The cat's out of the bag.

Did I mention that fries are a free flow affair. Eat that...

Kam Leng Hotel Lobby
383 Jalan Besar
S ( 209001)
Tel: 6298 8962

Flee Away Cafe: Fly me to the Moon


Flee Away Cafe has long been on my to-do list. Unfortunately it was a mission I've never came to succeed till a recent event organised by the good folks at Openrice and Nikon. 

After a rather heart pulsating play session with some of the Nikon cameras brought in for us, invitees, to fiddle with; we settled down to a feast of rather strange proportions.

Here, customers are fazed with a menu filled with Willy-Wonker versions of the usual sandwiches. A tad sceptical first at the outcome, I was completely taken by this understated concept at the end of dinner. Vowing to head back to satiate the anticipated craving for Le Char Kueys that I could see shuffling its way into my heart.

The Le Char Kuey with Chicken Bak Kwa  ($15.50) that hit every flavor on the grid at once was sensational with chewy oddments of honey chicken bak kwa stuffed in crusty you tiao over crushed cream crackers tossed in wasabi mayo. The usage of the word 'Le' making reference to the employment of the French baguette normally in a sandwich, except that here, a custom made super-sized you tiao is used as a carb substitute. As strange as it sounds, this combination was everything I could ask for after a devastating day at work.

The Le Char Kuey with Dry Laksa ($15.50) is another popular option with diners. Filled with fish cake, boiled egg, noodles and laksa sauce, this didn't quite float my boat as the one-noted textures did nothing to liven up the mix.

Another successfully innovative dish in Flee Away Cafe's repertoire is the Tau Kwa Salad with Grilled Chicken Sausages ($12.50). Spices are spread onto the slices of tau kwa before grilling hence each acquiring a smoky sweet layer of caramelization on its surface that sang beautifully with the lightly seasoned greens.

Other dishes to watch our for are the Chicken Luncheon Meat Chips and the Beef Hash Pie tee ($12.50 for 6); the latter reinventing the classic kui pie tee with heaping amounts of American chow down, corned beef hash. Love at first taste.

Such is our love for the nostalgic factor in the food items here that we continued with the Waffle with Gula Melaka Pudding ($8.50), a wrong move considering it's disappointing delivery on the grounds of an overly eggy waffle with slightly dense innards and an oddly gummy and tasteless sago pudding perched on the top of the griddled square. The thin gula melaka sauce doing nothing for the fading flavors,

Oh, but the Irish Cream Mud Pie ($8.50) raised the bar slightly with its creamy dark and opposing vanilla-ry tones in contention with each other. The shaved chocolate overhead providing a bit of crunch.

Out of all the fine tastiness that came our way, it is the Le Char Kuey with Bak Kwa that keeps this cafe front and centre in my heart and mind. I will definitely be making a beeline for Flee Away for a repeated iridescent experience soon.

Flee Away Cafe
70 Dunlop Street

opening times: 
Mon-Thu: 11 00 - 21 00
Fri - Sat: 11 00 - 22 00
Sunday: 10 00 - 17 00

Seasonal Taste @ The Westin Singapore: What do you fancy?


That's a sight to behold. The elaborate spread on the dessert counter beckoning out to me upon entering the premises of Seasonal Tastes, the signature dining premises of the new Westin Hotel Singapore, located on the 32nd floor of the Asia Square Tower 2.

Since it was a Monday, that was technically Mama Mia Pasta Night featuring a live pasta cooking section in the buffet line as its highlight. I brushed the irrational decision to dive head in for dessert and navigated the line like a regular commuter would. 

This large spacious premises (with some of the more secluded corners blessed with boulevard views to die for) is a congregated hot pot for a myriad of cuisines. From grilled lobsters to Indian pakoras, marmite chicken to lobster Russian salad with vodka mayonnaise; the spread had a little something to please even the most finicky of palates.

Since it was pasta night, it didn't take much persuasion to sway its way. I had a go at the Vegetable Lasagna, a decent rendition which didn't exactly hold a formula for excitement but was tidy in execution; apart from certain portion of the dish where I stumbled upon some harder, uncooked pieces of eggplant. The Mushroom Tortellini Aglio Olio was not complicated at all but most of it tastes good enough to justify the gratifying belly rubbing motion at the end of the meal. The blatant use of crispy garlic working well with the subtle filling of mushroom wrapped within the tortellini's delicate flesh.

The Roast Beef was too narrow minded. Sinewy and a tad on the dry side. Make your way around the deceptively attractive looking Marmite Chicken as well, overly battered and disappointing. I recommend the sashimi, solid enough for a small meal on its own for the peckish. From the roasted meats and local noodles section to the more exotic Gosht Gaag (mutton cube with spinach sauce); it is clear as day where the skills of the kitchen lay, with the latter, hence save a little space for the briyani.

For the chef's special, the Lobster Thermidore was perfectly seasoned; fresh lobster topped with a bechamel sauce made from white wine and gruyere cheese, with a tinge of mustard to inspire the concoction. Eat this piping hot to avoid being disappointed by a cold clammy unpalatable situation.

If you're still not satisfied at the end of the meal,  round it all up with a trip to the dessert line. The pride and joy of the crew at Westin lies in their in-house Gelato. My bets are placed on the Avocado and Dark chocolate flavors, the former doesn’t require that adventurous a palate to stomach as the natural creaminess of the avocado blends so sneakingly into the smooth mixture. The classic chocolate flavour offers a bittersweet happy ending you won’t quite find anywhere else as the robust earthiness of the dark chocolate runs truly and freely with every bite.

Up in the air, Seasonal Tastes is spared from the bustle of the activity from the streets below. It’s luxurious layout offers a spacious breezy affair with an unfussed range of savouries and desserts. Embark on a gastronomic journey that’s fuelled by the intermittent breaks of pacing the room and taking in the sights. Here, the views of the bay and calm waters in the distant are a temporary distraction from the hearty dishes and the daily grind.

Priced at $42++ for lunch and $62++ for dinner. The Seasonal Tastes buffet offers a range of daily specials to target the specific food fanatics. So choose a day, and knock yourselves out!

MondayMama Mia Pasta NightSelection of handmade pasta and sauces
TuesdayGerman ClassicsPerennial favorites such as crispy pork knuckle, farmer’s meatloaf, braised veal shank, bratwurst, kassler and sauerkraut
WednesdaySweet SweetsMouthwatering dessert spread which includes profiteroles, mini cakes, cupcakes, macarons and berry pink chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruits
ThursdayCarving & RoastsSmorgasbord of roasts and prime cuts
FridaySeafood NightAll time favorite buffet night with our freshest selection of crustaceans and salmon sashimi

Fundamentally Flawed dined as a guest of Seasonal Tastes. A major thanks to Hungry Go Where for arranging the dinner.

Seasonal Taste
32, The Westin Hotel
Asia Square Tower 2
12 Marina Square View

{Wordless Wednesdays}: Curbside Cafe and Wine Bar

Rounding off the National Day weekend with the family over a round of guilty pleasures. Spam friesRed velvet cheesecake chocolate browniehomemade apple pie and a smorgasbord of sticky milkshakes.


Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar
21 Biopolis Drive
Nucleous #01-21
Singapore 138567

Saveur: [The Hundred-Foot Journey] Menu


In line with the release of The Hundred-Foot Journey, popular, affordable French joint, Saveur has created an exclusive French-Indian 3 course fusion menu which fundamentally flawed had the privilege of tasting at it's pre-launch event.

If you've not watched the trailer, you're missing out on a great deal. For your benefit, here you go!

Starting off with Saveur's pre-existant signature dishes disguised in the form of canapes these prep our appetites for the real bollywood fiestas ahead. The delightful trio displayed so daintily on the platter hitting all the right notes, the trademark Saveur pasta of capellini with chilli oil, finely chopped konbu, topped with minced pork sauce, chives and sakura ebi was a stunner and I wished there and then I had an entire bowl to tuck into. I was equally enamoured with the Salmon Confit paired with a delicate combination of apple and fennel tossed in lemon vinaigrette. The Duck Rillette did not take flight with a rather stodgy crostini that did nothing to highlight the complexities of the quenelle.

That aside, the real question still remains. How did the fusion component in the subsequent dishes go?

Starting off with the first course, the Seafood Bouillabaisse; here the brash fishy flavors of lobster and fish lend themselves to the broth, tempered by an over the top scoop of curry powder that hadn't been cooked out yet thus leading to a chalky mouth feel in the dish; or perhaps it could have been the blending of cooked fish into the soup that led to that texture; I give them the benefit of the doubt. The elegant pieces of seafood perched on top of the playful stew were expertly cooked except for the sea bass which had been seared just a little too gregariously.

Lamb shoulder, too reflected Saveur's eagerness to incorporate the mastery of Indian flavors into traditional french techniques. Here, lamb shoulder is braised with "curry de madras" and served with coco bean cassoulet. A traditional South Indian curry is a tricky one to master, and Saveur's version unfortunately fell short -white the lamb was sufficiently tender, the spices that accompanied tasted watered down and could have used a lifting of flavors with a final addition of yogurt.

Alternatively, order the classic Duck Confit with truffle mash if you're not a fan of the lamb's gaminess. The orange segments and orange infused jus deftly balances out the dish's composition, highlighting the succulent flesh with a rousing crisp cap of skin. A star quality dish.

If you're already full by then, try to practise a bit of meditation because the course that follows is not to be missed out. Mind over matter. The Tarte au citron is a dessert that comes highly recommended. A puckery dish made of smittereens of goodies scattered over the plate that melds into a perfect mouthful with every spoon. Buttery crumbs of sable breton, tangy rich lemon curd, sweet vanilla bean speckled mousseline, intense hits of sour from lemon gelee cubes, meets pillowy marshmellow kisses and that oh-so-crisp citrus tuille. It disappears all a little too quickly from the plate. *burps*

At $36.0++, the Hundred-Foot Journey menu is slightly pricey, but showcases the tenacity of the young chefs at work in the Saveur kitchens. As much as it delivers on it's French promises, the Indian aspect is a bit of a let down. Well, nobody said that fusion was going to be easy hey? Running from the 1st August to the 14 September exclusively, try it at your own will.

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza, #01-07B
Singapore 228213
T: 6736 1131