[Foodpanda] Hard Rock Cafe: Ribs on the Fly


Too tired to head out for a night in town, or just frustrated with having to deal with people? Then Foodpanda might just be the solution to your stomach woes! 

The only stumbling block, the dilemma one is faced with when navigating the extensive selection of restaurant merchants on the list. Just the Indian spectrum alone chalks up a staggering 25 choices! Fortunately for me, my mood clearly set the stage for a night of good ole' American feasting that night, hence I called the shots on Hard Rock Cafe to curb those cravings.

The foodpanda app is terribly easy to navigate, every dish constituting a picture (depending on the merchants) and a mouthwatering description of the offering. For choices of sauces and beef doneness, the basic page opens up to separate windows, reminding the user to make their selection with specific prices listed should there be additional costs involved. Heavy Metal Sauce on your buffalo wings anyone?

Caffe B: Affordable Set lunches in MBS


Caffe B set in lush satin settings, a secretive sort of environment fine-tuned by plenty of luxe design decisions, offers diners an oasis perfect for constructive business meetings. These are complemented by bespoke light details, grand chandeliers overhead and raw metal grills reminiscent of Aztec cultures, that work effectively as partitions, offering enclaves for private discussions. The veteran F&B patron in the mall has recently rolled out an inexpensive $25++ three-course set lunch menu to lure in the office crowds. Ok, so let me deliberate before you go down.

The Clue-less Goat: Home-Run


Immediately visible from the United Square exit at Novena MRT station, one-week-old The Clue-less Goat has got an A-Star location despite it's strange positioning in the zero hipster-value neck of the woods. Then again, a quick chat with the bosses, Demelza and Zac, reveal that it was never their intention to become one of those cafes, and it clearly shows from their holistic yet affordable menu.

Why the name 'The Clue-less Goat' you may ask. Well, its' quirky name spawns from a story that takes stage in Ethiopia where a goat ate some berries from a shrub, got high and started prancing around. Noticing his strange behaviour, the herder questioned the goat, who then brought some of the cherries to the monk. The genius monk proceeded to brew it into a drink. And Viola! Coffee is born. 

Honestly, who doesn't love a good story? And I can most certainly relate to a goat that's high and in shades? One more brownie point.

Do.Main Bakery: Keeping it Real


One bite into the Peanut Caramel macaron and I was smitten. I wanted more.

The equation was simple. Put everything from a perennial favourite candy bar and glamorise it with a French twist. That ought to be a winner. And true to word, it was more than I could ever ask for. Snickers, you can now retire to the backseat.

Montana Brew Bar: Waffles Gone Rogue


Montana Brew Bar is one of the newest kids on the block to amp up the waffle game in town. Yes, it is evident that these honeycombed imprinted crisp vessels do have a soft spot in our hearts and stomachs; and with these validation, MBB takes it to level with their ingenious savoury adaptations.

I'm here at brunch hour on a Saturday; a modest trade is coming and going in that lazy weekend kind of way. Tables are packed with languid diners hoping to score a waffle or two with friends; most of them young and vivacious, in the mid twenties; a crowd seemingly drawn from its location advantage , right smack in the middle of several schools and learning institutes in the vicinity. On a weekend, this isn't the kind of place you want to sit and linger for too long if you're a party of one; the glaring lights (plus odd stares from other people) and bustling foot traffic traversing through the malls, not exactly conducive for 'me-time'; perhaps the odd hours of the weekdays would be a better choice.

Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang: Facelifts


Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang has recently introduced its revamped storefront and a brand new dining concept complete with a fresh line-up of signature dishes. We got first dips and here's our verdict, to better aid you in navigating the intimidating spread.

For starters, dive straight into the Boston Lobster & Argentine Red Prawn Hokkien Mee. A luxed up version of the perennial local favourite, the glorious lobster and fresh prawn perched on top a bed of moist al dente noodles definitely does whet the appetite for more.

I would advise you to make a pit stop for the Shrimp Paste Chicken if you catch it being refilled with a fresh batch. Piping hot straight out off the fryer and handsomely arranged, the flavors in these are legitimately authentic. 

New Openings & Re-openings: De-Burg + Druggists


My first visit to De-Burg was in 2011 (please refer to my super old but good post here), that was still the days when they occupied a non-descript hawker stall in the quiet neighborhood of Ghim Moh. Imagine tucking into a burger surrounded by the banter and chatter of boisterous old men taking swigs at their tiger beer in frozen mugs. Yes, that was what it was like back then. No hipster alcove here. Just some burger loving action going on in the back as the kitchen works hard to churn out everything to order; no pre-fried bacon nor chips, that's a crime.

Fast forward several years and De-Burg has tunnelled its way into the hearts of many. It's move to the popular Bukit Merah Lane (where Two Wings and Immanuel French Kitchen are now located) improving its reach to the public. 

But despite the transformations, one thing remained steadfast, my love for their burgers.

Hence I was truly excited to hear of their re-opening at CT Hub a week ago. What's a better date-night option then a trip to our favourite burger joint?

Just a heads up, the menu can be pretty intimidating. Beef burgers, lamb burgers and seafood burgers, the list runs 2 A3-size papers long. But fret not, if you have a solid idea of what your burger ought to look like, it's going to be a breeze.

That's his Mushroom Cheese ($14.90 for 200g), AUS beef patty, cheese, greens and portobello mushroom gravy. No money squandered here.

But taking the cake was my Baconcheese ($15.50 for 220g), you know, because of the jealous stares cast across the table, the sudden spikes of crispy bacon shards pressed into the melted cheese paired with that juicy beef patty done medium rare will have you hankering for your next fix.

Of course, you don't have to be bores like us, there's a full range of Signature and Celebrity Burgers that will certainly knock your socks off for example the UnXpected Burger, with sauerkraut on the heel and currywurst on the patty or the Dee Kosh umamified with inclusion of a deep fried spam ring. Do also note that all burgers are served with an endless supply of fries; the staff are always making their rounds holding metal bowls of salted fries and smiles.

Another great love of mine, besides burgers is my love for craft beer. So for you beer geeks out there, you'll be thrilled to know that a new beer destination has popped up in the jalan besar region, just a walk away from CT hub. This region, popularised by the gentrification of one too many hipster joints, chye seng huat comes to mind obviously, invites a lovely new neighbour, the Druggists.

It is, too, guilty of hitching the hipster vibe bandwagon, preserving it's "Chinese Druggists Association" signboard up front and remodeling the interior to looks like  traditional Chinese diner, complete with mosaic floor tiling and old school kopitiam furniture. Personally, I don't give two hoots, after all, we're here for the 23 beers on tap! And Druggists does a good job of procuring the strangest and the most exotic beers. 

Intrigued by the Mikkeller range, we settled for the Peter Pale & Mary Ale ($8/$15) and the K=rlek Pale Ale ($8/$15), the former carrying slight citrusy notes with piney and grassy hops. 

Besides the ales, there is plenty of variety to provoke the senses, everything from fruit beers to stouts and porters. You name your flavor profile, and the good-humoured staff would have something for you.

Definitely a beer destination worth checking out if you're in the area.

De Burg
2 Kallang Avenue
CT Hub
w: https://www.facebook.com/deburgsingapore

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: Lunch 11am - 3pm (last order 2 30pm)
 Mid afternoon drinks in between (beers and side orders avaiable)
Dinner: 5 45pm - 10pm (last order 9 30pm)
Weekends: 11am - 10pm
(closed on every last Monday and Tuesday of the month)

119 Tyrwhitt Road

Opening Hours:
Tues - Fri: 5pm-11pm
Sat-Sun: 2pm - 11pm

The Quarters @ Icon Village: Mod-Sin cuisine done justice?


Don't get me wrong. I do love my fried chicken, and coffee, and having them together. The latter was excellent, my piccolo latte carrying a tinge of acidity with a good long finish (beans are sourced from Papa Palheta, hence a definite crowd pleaser there). The Har Cheong Gai ($8.50) though was a tad underwhelming, yes, no doubt they were fried till crispy golden brown, but it failed to deliver flavorwise, the prawn paste almost forgotten. What the Quarters succeeded in was that accompanying mini ramekin of power belachan (which can be purchased by the jar!), robust in flavors with a helluva spicy kick and a good touch of acidity. I was frantically using the chicken as a vessel to get it into my mouth!

Oops, pardon me, I've gotten ahead of myself here. Lunch was at The Quarters located at revamped extension of Icon Village. Choosing to dine on the weekend in an establishment that was cradled in the center of the CBD area meant a particularly roomy dining area dedicated to the gang. The concept is simple,.. local flavors with a modern perspective. Brilliant, and with that, there's room for error, a leeway for finding excuses to undershooting people's expectations. Read on...

IndoChili: Halal Indonesian Cuisine


The dining room was an oasis of tranquillity when we entered at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. Couples and families trickling in to the cool interiors, seeking asylum from the mad heat waves out on the streets. Our late lunch today saw us pigging out on Indonesian food at IndoChili situated conveniently across from Great World City just up next to Zion Road Riverside Food Center. 

With an extensive menu offering a complete selection of entrees from around the archipelago, it was hard to select dishes given there were at least 8 ways of having your grilled chicken. Driven by hunger pangs, we waved down one of the amicable waitresses to place our orders and proceeded for a long wait (as suggested by the menu on certain items that we had ordered). Fortunately, our food came in waves, best allowing us to capture our shots, each dish causing mouthwatering moments at the table with its alluring smells adrift. 

Mr Berlin: Iconic Berlin Street Snacks


What do you do when you miss your local cuisine sorely while being stranded for an extended period of time overseas? You are forced to recreate it. This brings me back to the time where we made bak kut teh in Sydney, even resorting to proofing our homemade you tiao dough in our steamy bathroom that served as a make shift proofer. Desperate times call for desperate measures.. and for a group of German expatriates here in Singapore, that's exactly what they did. 

Mr Berlin, a stall specialising in the currywurst has created quite a stir since its appearance along Shenton Way last year. Digging deep into the similarities of Berlin's iconic street snack with Singaporean's love for rich and spicy foods, it seems as if a match made in heaven.